Mã sản phẩm:  TMSN-055
Nhà sản xuất: TRUSCO
Giá: Liên hệ

 Code: 61-2340-39

Quy cách: Chiếc

Vật liệu: 

Giá: Liên hệ

Yêu cầu báo giá
Cờ lê TRUSCO TMSN-055, Co le TRUSCO TMSN-055



  • A spanner and a spectacle wrench with the same diameter are integrated, and the spanner is suitable for quick turning and the spectacle wrench for full-tightening work.
  • The angle of the handle of the glasses is 15 degrees.
  • The finished surface is beautiful and feels nice and heavy.
  • The surface treatment is trivalent chrome plating.
  • Cr-V (Chromium Vanadium Steel)
  • Pear finish makes hands less slippery.
  • For fastening work of bolts and nuts


  • Width across flat Dimensions (mm): 5.5
  • Length (mm): 93
  • surface treatment: 3 Trivalent Chromium plating
  • satin finish
  • Cr-V (chromium Vanadium steel)
  • Surface treatment: Nickel Chromium plating
  • Application: Bolt, Nut for the conclusion Working
  • Production country: Taiwan
  • Weight: 16g
  • Manufacturer's model number: TMSN055
  • CODE No.: 488-8227

Package size:15×90×7 mm 20 g 


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