Tủ đựng hóa chất AS ONE N-90/OW

Mã sản phẩm:  N-90/OW
Nhà sản xuất: AS ONE
Giá: Liên hệ

 Code: 3-065-21

Quy cách: Chiếc

Vật liệu: 

Giá: Liên hệ

Yêu cầu báo giá
Tủ đựng hóa chất AS ONE N-90/OW, Tu dung hoa chat AS ONE N-90/OW



  • Glass doors use anti-scattering film that prevents splinters from flying even when glass is broken.
  • Comes with a tray for increased storage efficiency.
  • Upper, lower and base can be connected by bolts, and it has excellent earthquake-resistant function.
  • Adjusters on the base allow you to adjust the level.
  • Vent holes are provided to replace the air in the cabinet.
  • A stop bar (sold separately) prevents bottles from tipping over when stored.


  • Model number: N-90, OW set
  • Outer dimension (mm): 880 x 400 x 1850
  • Effective inner dimension (mm): 820 x 340 x 820 (x 2 rooms)
  • Material: Steel (powder coating)
  • Weight: 59.5kg
  • Shelf board
  • Included: 4 sheets
  • Withstand load: 30kg/piece
  • Shelf rest interval: 30mm (adjustable)
  • With key
  • Tray
  • Material: PP (Polypropylene)
  • Included: 12 pieces
  • Outer dimensions: 388 x 283 x 125mm
  • Inner dimension: 335 x 250 x 105mm


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